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CPSA 2013

Connecting Patients and Subject Numbers Through Analysis

October 7-10, 2013
Sheraton Bucks County Hotel
Langhorne, PA

Innovator Awards   Past Recipients

The CPSA USA Innovator Award provides formal recognition for innovative technologies, products and services presented at the annual meeting.

2013 Recipients

First Place
Fred Regnier   |   Novilytic Laboratories
Next Generation Plasma Collection Technology for Clinical and Pharmaceutical Applications

Second Place
Donna Holinshead   |   Silicon Kinetics
NPOI, A Novel Platform for Biomolecular Interaction Analysis and Affinity Capture Mass Spectrometry

Kevin Meyer   |   Perfinity Biosciences
Perfinity Flash Digest

Third Place
Ching Wu   |   Excellims Corporation
HPLC-HPIMS - A 2D Separation Tool

Shane Needham   |   Alturas Analytics
PicoFuze: The Future of Microflow LC-MS/MS, The Column is the Source, the Source is the Column

Joe Siple   |   Drummond Scientific
Rodent Plasma Micro-Sampling Evaluation: Outcomes and Next Steps

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