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The Distinguished Lecture Series

Each year, The Distinguished Lectue Series welcomes innovative and cutting edge lecturers to encourage discussion, exchange of ideas as well as collaboration.

The Distinguished Lecture Series event takes place Monday evening


CPSA 2017 Distinguished Lecturer

Tim Garrett
University of Florida

Metabolomics: Discovery, Innovation, and Diagnostic Potential

Untargeted metabolomics refers to the systematic measurement of all small molecules found in a biological sample, including endogenous metabolites and exogenous compounds from food, medications and environmental exposures and represents a key opportunity for personalized diagnostics. Innovations in compound identification, analysis and interpretation will lead to the next expansion of clinical diagnostics. I describe analyses using imaging mass spectrometry, direct analysis of tissues, and traditional LC-MS approaches we use to help understand biological phenomena.

Past Distinguished Lecturers


Timothy Garrett, University of Florida
Metabolomics: Discovery, Innovation, and Diagnostic Potential


Mark Cancilla, Merck
Understanding the Importance of Metabolic Stability for Developing New Chemical Modalities into Therapeutics


Doug Lewis, U.S. Drug Testing Labs
Fetal Alcohol Exposure - A 30 Year Search for a Reliable Biomarker


Steven Wong, Wake Forest University
Translational Mass Spectrometry Enabling Personalized Medicines


Richard Kibbey, Yale University
Mitochondrial GTP Cycle: A Novel Metabolic Pathway Regulating Glucose Homeostasis