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Vendor Session - Five Minutes of Fame (5MOF)

CPSA USA 2018 Vendor Session
Wednesday, October 17
3:45 PM

Session Chair: Mark Hayward, ITSP

Participtaing vendors have 5 minutes to present their company, services, and products in any format they choose. Only one rule exists for the Five Minutes of Fame - Exactly 5 minutes!

Presenting Vendors

Primera Analytical Solutions
Primera's Analytical and Bioanalytical Capabilities
Kyle Abuarjah

Automated Buffer Exchange for Formulation Screenings Using SizeX
Andrew Lee

Trajan Scientific & Medical
#BadBlood #GoodBlood
Interpretive dance a la Kayte
Kayte Parlevliet

Low Flow Journey at SCIEX Continues
Yi Zhang

Cambridge Isotope Laboratories
Who is CIL?
Dan Dennehy

Prolab Instruments GmbH
Let Me Solve That for You
Bernhard Nemec

DART HTS Urine Screen
Brian Musselman

New Objective
United To Beat Disease
Alla met Gary and fell in love with the technology.
Alla met Emily and fell in love with the company.

Joe Siple, Neil Spooner, Amanda Berg, Alla Kloss

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments
Innovations In Online Dating
Eric Manning

Thermo Fisher Scientific
5 Minutes of FAIMS
Susan Abbatiello