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October 28, 2019

Leveraging Diversity and Inclusion for Better Business Outcomes

Discussion Leaders: Lucinda R. Hittle, Merck; Emily Ehrenfeld, New Objective

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Discussion Questions:

  • What do you define diversity and inclusion?
  • What makes you different/unique/distinctive?
  • What do you feel you bring to the table? Others?
  • What life lessons have others taught you?
  • What are some examples of successful diversity and inclusion initiatives you have experienced?
  • Unsuccessful?

Brad Ackermann, Eli Lilly & Co.
Mark Arnold, Covance
Lori Bachmann, VCU Health System
Amanda Berg, New Objective
Stephanie Cape, Covance
Suzanne Cordovado, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
Carla Cuthbert, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
Binodh DeSilva, Bristl-Myers Squibb
Anahita Keyhani, Altasciences
Alla Kloss, Sanofi
Tim Olah, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Kayte Parlevliet, Trajan Scientific & Medical
Joanna Pols, Regeneron
Robyn Rourick, Genetech
Nalini Sadagopan, Agilent Technologies
Neil Spooner, Spooner Bioanalytical Solutions
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