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Stephen A. Hofstadler Graduate Student Awards

Past Recipients


Matt Robey    Northwestern University
Uncovering New Fungal Natural Products and Their Biosynthetic Pathways Using FAC-MS Technology

Trisha Tucholski    University of Wisconsin
Deciphering the Human Heart Proteome by Top-down Proteomics

Dan Holland-Moritz    University of Michigan
Mass-Activated Droplet Sorting for Label Free, High-Throughput Enzyme Screening at the Nanoliter Scale

Nick Oranzi    University of Florida
Improving quantitation of 25-hydroxyvitamin D in human serum using ion mobility coupled with liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry


Bifan Chen    University of Wisconsin
Online Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry for Top-down Protein Analysis

Claire Ouimet    University of Michigan
Characterization of Protein-Protein Interactions by Protein Cross-linking Capillary Electrophoresis at Increased Throughput

Peter Doubleday    Northwestern University
Quantitative Top Down Proteomics Temporally Defines Complexity of Aging Biomarkers

Jeremy Koelmel    University of Florida
An Integrative Approach for Determining Biomarkers and Etiology of a Disease Leading to Mass Die Offs of Aquatic Life in South Africa


Thitaphat Ngernsutivorakul    University of Michigan
Miniaturized Sampling Probes and Microfluidic Devices for Monitoring Neurochemicals with High Spatio-Temporal Resolution

Michelle Reid    University of Florida
Investigating Metabolic Shifts from Exercise Routines

Timothy Toby    Northwestern University
Translational Top-Down Proteomics From A Single Draw Of Human Blood


Rachelle Jacobson    The George Washington University
Direct Sampling of Adherent Cells Using Laser Ablation Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry

Erik Guetschow    University of Michigan
Identification of Sirtuin 5 Modulators by Droplet Microchip Electrophoresis

Rainey Patterson    University of Florida
Lipidomics of Liver Disease

Peter Doubleday    Northwestern Universtity
Higher Insight in Cellular Senescence: Defining a New Mass Window for Top Down Quantitative Proteomics


Timothy Toby    Northwestern University
Quantitative Measurements of Proteoform-Resolved Markers of Health and Disease

Yu-Hsuan Tsai    University of Florida
Metabolomics Analysis of Skeletal Muscles and Fiber Types Using Mass Spectrometry

Phillip Loziuk    North Carolina State University
Fundamental Aspects of Quantitative Measurements in Complex Biological Systems: Considerations from a Systems Biology Approach


Ken Durbin    Northwestern University
Cellular Senescence and Its Altered Metabolism

Matt MacDonald    University of Pittsburgh
Targeted Proteomics and Biochemical Fractionation: New Tools for Deciphering the Synapse in Schizophrenia