Bridging Better Data to Improved Clinical Outcomes:
How to Translate Innovation into Better Decision Making

Vendor Session - Five Minutes of Fame - "5MOF"

CPSA USA 2020 Vendor Session
Wednesday, October 7
3:45 PM

Session Chairs: Mark Hayward, ITSP; Jeremiah Tipton, BioTech & OMICSx

Participtaing vendors have 5 minutes to present their company, services, and products in any format they choose. Only one rule exists for the Five Minutes of Fame - Exactly 5 minutes!

Presenting Vendors from 2019

Blood Collection Without Needles, Period!

Sara Naseri

Integrated Micro-Chromatography Systems
How to Overcome Challenges in Antibody Purification with Automation

Andrew Lee

Myriad RBM
Myriad RBM – Your Clinical Trial Protein Biomarker Experts

Troy Tremaine

Thermo Fisher Scientific
Exploris 480 Mass Spectrometer: Extraordinary Simplified

Jerry Pappas

Your Lab Automation Partner

Richard Lam

Cambridge Isotope Labs
Stable Isotope-Labeled Products: From the Ground Up

Dan Dennehy

Importance of Size in Liquid Chromatography on Humanity

Jennifer Copeland

Breaking the Throughput Sound Barrier with Echo MS

Melanie Juba

Because Life is Everything

Jeff Plomley and Anahita Keyhani

Prolab Instruments
Back to the Future (of LC/MS)

Bernhard Nemec

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments
2019: A UHPLC Odyssey – The Development of Analytical Intelligence

Eric Manning

New Objective
The Future of LC-MS!

Jeremiah Tipton and Neil Spooner

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