The Distinguished Analytical Scientist Award

Past Recipients

The Distinguished Analytical Scientist Award promotes awareness for the analytical sciences with formal recognition of contributions that demonstrate innovation in applied analytical research. The criteria is based on several factors:

  1. Peer recognition
  2. Demonstrated record of innovation
  3. Active participation in published literature and meetings, and
  4. Sustained record of contribution

Following are the past recipients of this award:

2018 Neil Spooner      Spooner Bioanalytical Solutions
2017 Binodh DeSilva      Bristol-Myers Squibb
2016 Donald Chace      Pediatrix Analytics
2015 Andy Hoofnagle      University of Washington
2014 Kevin Bateman      Merck
2013 Gary Valaskovic      New Objective, Inc.
2012 Nathan Yates      University of Pittsburgh
2011 Jack Henion      Advion Biosciences & Cornell University
2010 Mark Sanders      Thermo Fisher Scientific
2009 Walter A. Korfmacher      Schering-Plough Research Institute
2008 Thomas R. Covey      MDS Analytical Technologies
2007 Bradley L. Ackermann      Eli Lilly & Co.
2006 Richard C. King      Merck Research Laboratories
2005 Mark J. Cole      Pfizer

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