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Vendor Session - Five Minutes of Fame - "5MOF"

CPSA USA 2019 Vendor Session
Wednesday, October 30
3:45 PM

Session Chairs: Mark Hayward, ITSP; Jeremiah Tipton, BioTech & OMICSx

Participtaing vendors have 5 minutes to present their company, services, and products in any format they choose. Only one rule exists for the Five Minutes of Fame - Exactly 5 minutes!

Presenting Vendors

Integrated Micro-Chromatography Systems
How to Overcome Challenges in Antibody Purification with Automation

Andrew Lee

Myriad RBM
Myriad RBM – Your Clinical Trial Protein Biomarker Experts

Troy Tremaine

Thermo Fisher Scientific
Exploris 480 Mass Spectrometer: Extraordinary Simplified

Jerry Pappas

Cambridge Isotope Labs
Stable Isotope-Labeled Products: From the Ground Up

Dan Dennehy

Because Life is Everything

Jeff Plomley and Anahita Keyhani, Altasciences

Prolab Instruments
Back to the Future (of LC/MS)

Bernhard Nemec

Importance of Size in Liquid Chromatography on Humanity

Jennifer Copeland

Breaking the Throughput Sound Barrier with Echo MS

Melanie Juba

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments
2019: A UHPLC Odyssey – The Development of Analytical Intelligence

Eric Manning

New Objective
The Future of LC-MS!

Jeremiah Tipton and Neil Spooner

It's not too late to participate!
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